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The Pennsylvania Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Alliance began to fulfill its mission of support, education and research in 1981. At that time a group of SIDS parents joined together to assure future SIDS parents the support they would need to work through the devastating grief they would experience.Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - SIDS

With the adoption of the Tree of Hope as our symbol, we are reminded that even though the fallen leaf, symbolizing the lost infant, is separated from the family, the family can remain strong and continue to grow with the proper nurturing. We have dedicated our lives to providing that nurturing. The tree also symbolizes the many branches of our organization.

In addition to
support of families, we continue to provide support to the public through our Cribs for Kids National Infant Safe Sleep Initiative, which has provided thousands of new cribs and mattresses to families throughout Western Pennsylvania since 1998. Our education branch is responsible for the education of thousands of first responders, nurses, doctors, funeral directors, parents and grandparents about the proper handling of a SIDS death and ways to Reduce the Risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Our continued support of research produced life-saving programs such as the �Back to Sleep� Campaign, which is responsible for cutting our SIDS rates by close to 50% since 1994.

We will continue our quest to eliminate Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and make an impact on our infant mortality rates throughout Pennsylvania� "in the belief that every child should live."


Judith Bannon has been the Executive Director of SIDS of Pennsylvania since 1989. In 1998 she founded the Cribs for Kids Campaign, which has provided over 50,000 safety-approved cribs to low-income families throughout the country to help reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and accidental suffocation. Cribs for Kids has been implemented in more than 250 locations in 45 states.  Cribs for Kids now spans the nation from Anchorage, Alaska to New York City.  In June of 2006 she introduced Cribs for Kids at the International SIDS Conference in Yokohama, Japan; June of 2008 at the International SIDS Conference in Portsmouth, UK; and in May 2010 at the Pediatric Association Society Meeting  Vancouver, BC






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