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   Contributions and Memorial Donations
Jim & Electra Agras In Memory of Mayor Bob O'Connor
Lois Albrecht
David & Anne Bates
Dr. Sean McLaughlin & Ms. Lynn Bauzon In Memory of Kendall Narcisa
Sharlene Betz
Leroy & Linda Byers  
Daniel Carlins In Memory of Rachael Ann
Carri Collingwood In Honor of Mike & Lorraine Collingwood
Dale & Albert Corbin In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. James Corbin
Janice & Mark Davic In Memory of Madeline Rose Davic
Anna Dax
Peter & Vinnie Delmer
Tom Diecks
Selma Duncan In Memory of MacKenzie Noca
Janet Durick  
ECP Correctional Employees Organization  
Maria & Ron Faller In Memory of Christopher Faller
David & Michelle Friedland In Memory of Son, Aaron Friedland
Mary Fueller  
John Gillespie  
Ronald J. Grehl In Honor of Judy Bannon
Eugene & Christina Halus  
Lois & Charles Harm In Memory of Katlyn Harm and in Honor of
Charles R. Harm
Roberta Hess  
Lily Hoy  
Chris & Dawn Johenning  
William & Gertrude Johnson  
Frank & Robin Kolodziejczyk  
Doreen & Edwin Leech  
Mitch & Karen Lehigh In Memory of Scottie Lehigh
Robert & Patricia Lehigh In Memory of Scottie William Lehigh
Dr. Terry & Christine Linville In Memory of their Son, Chandler Linville
Theresa Marzo In Memory of Baby Marzo
John & Nancy McClay In honor of Granddaughter, Julia Ross Smith
Dr. Sean McLaughlin & Lynn Susan Bauzon In Memory of Kendall Narcisa
Mrs. Eileen McGovern In Memory of Kathleen G. Bock
Donna McHolme In Memory of Fran Bannon
Margaret A. McMahon In Memory of Baby Tom Diecks
Bridgett McNally-Javid  
Mrs. Dorothy Milkovich In Memory of Madeline Rose Davic
Nancy Miller In Memory of Jessica Miller
Lisa Minor  
Jerry & Bonnie Murphy In Memory of Beloved Granddaughter,
Peyton Ann Murphy
Selma & Richard Parenti  
Pittsburgh Parrot Head Club  
Dee Dee & Jake Pelled In Memory of Alvin Rogal
Penn State Applied Research Laboratory In Memory of Madyson Elizabeth Keffer
Shirlee Porro In Memory of P.J. Porro
Tillie Radvansky In Memory of Robbie Blandford
Eric & Lisa Rankin  
Mark & Linda Romasco In Memory of Rachel Lynn Romasco
Mary Ellen & William Runco In Memory of Gregory Rudzki
Thomas Safreed In Memory of Kathleen Safreed
Joe & Martha Saftner In Memory of Madeline Rose Davic
Norma Scheidemantel  
Jim Scott In memory of his wife, Maryland S. Scott
Seubert & Associates, Inc.  
Shadyside School of Nursing-Student Support  
Rebecca & Jeffrey Sodergren In Memory of Matthew Ronald Sodergren
Lily Mae & Dave Spehar  
James & Connie Stover  
Jeff & Margherita Strandberg In Memory of Christyan R. Marquis
Amy Switlick In Memory of Collin Slattery
Mark & Ginny Ticehurst In Honor of Mark & Nicole Risner
Eileen Tyrala  
Elsie Tyrala In Honor of Eileen Tyrala
Robert A. and Diane E. Uhlig In Memory of Madyson E. Keffer
Stephen & Stephanie Vaughan In the Name of Beverly Rowland
Western Pennsylvania Children's Charities  
Charles & Ellen Wilf In Honor of Elizabeth's Engagement