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Use the power of flowers to remember your baby's birthday and touch the lives of another SIDS' family. 

We all know how difficult our babies birthdays can be -- especially the first year.  An idea has been presented that we hope you embrace.

On your baby's birthday send some flowers to a SIDS family you already know or send a random act of kindness to a SIDS family you don't know.

We are all forever connected by this horrible tragedy known as SIDS.  It is our sincere hope that by participating in FLOWER POWER, hearts can help to be healed by knowing you are not alone and by sharing with others the lives of our precious babies.

Please contact us here if it is okay to release your name and address for this program or to get the name of a family to send flowers to.

Flower Power was inspired by Luke Joseph Martin (3-27-06 to 8-5-06.)

SIDS of PA has teamed up with to offer flowers and gifts that raise funds for our organization.  Go to and 12% of your sale will be donated to SIDS of PA......and as a benefit to our supporters, has agreed not to charge and additional fee for flower delivery.  This includes same day delivery.der your flowerwere



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