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Peer Contacts

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Peer contacts are the lifeline of SIDS of Pennsylvania. These brave parents who have suffered the ultimate loss, the death of their infant, have reconciled their own grief and reach out to other parents to offer support during their bereavement. Our Peer Contact Network was established in 1981. Since then, the following mothers and fathers, (listed in chronological order) have offered their services.

  • They let new parents know that they are not alone in their grief, that others have journeyed downSIDS Peer Contact that road and have survived. 

  • They offer hope.

  • They offer friendship. 

  • They offer love. 

  • They are to be commended.


Marie McBrearty

Eileen Carlins

Jan Puskar

Judy Contes

Karen Ebert

Lonnie Porterfield

Cheryl Styslinger

Mary Stack

Vera Smith

Sharon Antoline

Shielah Collins

Kay Falkenhan

Sue Bartholomew

Pam Tatara

Mary Lee Stubenhofer

Lee & Dan Ley

Darlene Pirmez

Lori Limrick

Pat Dobies

Anita Dezelan

Karen & Gary Doughrty

Judy Stadleman

Mary & William Holden

Linda & Mark Romasco

Pat Hernandez

Joe Fung

Sharon Ferry

Kathy Wandrisco

Cheryl Hughes

Dee Dee & Jake Pelled

Rosalie Bildstein

Steve & Kathy Rial

Karen Fadzen

Judy Frye

Jackie Haseltine

Charlene Meyers

Carolyn Meyers

Michelle Rearick

Jan Lehigh

Alisa Scioscia

Michelle Kaplon

Joy & Bob Costolo

Michelle Kriner

Kelli Servello

Mary Kay Sheppard

Dan & Ann Stuart

Ellen Siska

Chris Linville

Melissa Redmond

Colleen Lembo

Cathy Kolakowski

Wendy Nieves

Penny Mixell

Katie & Dante Martino

Mark Taylor

To speak with a peer contact, please call Eileen Carlins at the SIDS office to connect you with the person nearest to you.  A Peer Contact is a bereaved parent who has surmounted the first year of grief, has completed Peer Contact Training with our organization, and is willing comfort others in pain.  Only one who has walked this terrible journey can truly understand the depth of your pain.


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